Student in South Korea
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Student in South Korea

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bornfreebang said: Hello , i want to apply for seoul national university too and i am a foreigner , can you please tell me hox did you finish it ? And congratulations 👍

thank you! There are a few ways to apply to SNU. It actually depends on what you want to study and how long you want to study here. You can either take ur bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD here or just study here for 1 or 2 semesters as an exchange student/ visiting student. You can also just study Korean here. The application procedure totally depends on what you want to study/achieve. You can directly apply to SNU or to you home university (if you are coming as an exchange student). Here’s what needed to do ( I applied for a scholarship too): 
-English test (if not a native English speaker).
-Recommendation letters. SNU required 2 letters (but to get the scholarship I                                                 managed to fix 5 letters).
-Motivation letters

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Wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR~~

In about 4 hours, at 5 a.m., 1st January 2014, we are gonna go hiking :» at Mt.GWANAKSAN to see the first sunrise of 2014!!!!!



Blueberry Patbingsooimage


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Cakes in Korea r so cuteimage

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I needed to buy eye makeup remover so I went to “BOONS APOTHECARY”, located in Gangnam.

Sooo.. I went inside the store looking for my eye makeup remover and came out with tons of other things.. 
Almost everything was on sale :>image

What I needed VS what I boughtimage

Another thing I love about shopping here in Korea: all the free stuff/samples you get:D
What I got “for free”:image

What I actually payed for:image